Be Like Jesus


As Christ’s followers, we’re not just living life but sharing a message. Jesus was bold. When it comes to being like Him, it’s our responsibility to help people make the connection between the life we live and the God we serve. Jesus has called us to reconcile people to Him and not repel them from Him. They won’t know the Good News of His love, peace, and joy unless we tell them. God will be with us as we go. So, let’s do it!

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Be Like Jesus

About the Series

Jesus has been known for many roles… the Son of God, Prince of Peace, healer, miracle worker, teacher, Rabbi, brother, friend, Savior of humanity, even rebel. And those who believe in Him are called to be like Him—to honor His teachings and His sacrifice by living as He did. So, how do we practically live this out today? Do we truly understand the character of Jesus and what it means to BE like Him every day? Join us as we get to know Jesus—and how to live boldly, as a reflection of His life—in our new series, Be Like Jesus.