Anchored in Gratitude

God is always good! No matter what we may be facing, we can fix our eyes on Him and His goodness. There is power and strength in living life with a posture of gratitude. When we live with a grateful heart, we’re able to experience God’s peace—even in hard times. Tune in for three keys to living a life anchored in gratitude!

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About the Series

We live in a world that brings great difficulties our way. When the storms of life come, it’s easy for us to get discouraged and led astray from the truth. Following Jesus doesn’t protect us from experiencing the trials of life, but He has promised to hold us securely in the midst of the wind and the waves of life. He wants to enable you—by His grace—to live life to the fullest no matter the season you find yourself in. Join us as we learn how to stay anchored to Christ!