A Fence of Space

Our God is holy, special and unlike anyone or anything else we’ll ever encounter. In His love, He has called us to live life according to His standards rather than the world’s. God has set up fences of holiness to protect what is set apart for His unique purposes. With that, He has created a fence of space as a model for us in regard to having healthy relationships with others. Find out more in part three of our Fences series!

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About the Series

We’ve all seen a fence surrounding a playground next to a busy street. The children playing have the liberty to explore without any fear or danger of crossing the line… Fences are boundaries set up to protect us. They set limits that allow us and others to find the rhythm and rest God always intended. When it comes to work, relationships, and navigating all that our lives encompass, He wants to liberate us to walk in His peace and flow with the Holy Spirit. Only then can God’s greatness be emancipated in and through us. Where do you need His help to set up fences in your life so you can show up freely and fully in all that He has for you?