Summer At The Movies

The Greatest Showman

Whatever we base our sense of belonging upon, we will have to continually maintain to feel that sense of belonging. If we build off of rejection and shame, we always strive for inclusion and fame.

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Summer At The Movies

About the Series

Everyone has a story… The comical, sentimental and climactic moments of our lives weave together the storyline that was written specifically for us. Even the tragic moments serve their purpose. And to think… God, the great writer and director of this epic life, invites us into intimacy with Him. We get to play a role in the greatest story ever told. This summer at Victory is going to be one to remember… It’s time to take all we’ve learned about being a loving neighbor and friend and go out and invite others on your “road” to our Summer at the Movies series! A movie-themed church series? Yes, you heard that right! Invite your neighbors out for a very special church service each week and, afterwards, enjoy movie snacks, photo booths, outdoor and indoor games and more! See you at the “movies”!