Dear Church


From the beginning of time, human beings have had to deal with conflict. There is no one on earth who hasn’t experienced it. None of us are exempt. Conflict isn’t necessarily good or bad, but there is a healthy, godly way to respond. Dr. Sam Chand shares how in part six of our Dear Church series. Tune in!

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Dear Church

About the Series

Some fathers are biological, some adoptive, and others are father figures. But there’s one thing we’re lacking: spiritual fathers. If you take a look around at the state of our world, it’s clear that we’re in desperate need of fathers in Christ—men who love God and His church. We need men who will boldly share the Father’s heart for His children and show us the way we should go. Join us for Dear Church, and hear from long-term fathers in the faith as they write their letter to the church in these current times.