Be Like Jesus


Before Jesus left the earth, He set an expectation for His followers to live according to His example. When we represent Christ well, we give others the opportunity to experience His true nature and draw closer to Him. Compassion is one of the characteristics that attracts people to God. It is looking beyond our own needs to see the needs of others, learning to value them above ourselves. Let’s begin to engage the world with hearts of compassion and demonstrate the love of the Father to everyone we encounter.

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Be Like Jesus

About the Series

Jesus has been known for many roles… the Son of God, Prince of Peace, healer, miracle worker, teacher, Rabbi, brother, friend, Savior of humanity, even rebel. And those who believe in Him are called to be like Him—to honor His teachings and His sacrifice by living as He did. So, how do we practically live this out today? Do we truly understand the character of Jesus and what it means to BE like Him every day? Join us as we get to know Jesus—and how to live boldly, as a reflection of His life—in our new series, Be Like Jesus.