Through local outreach, we bring the love of God outside of the church building into our neighborhoods and communities.

A Difference

You are uniquely equipped with gifts, talents, and strengths that can be used to change lives in the church and community. Serving is the perfect opportunity to grow and connect with others, discover your ministry passions, and make a difference!

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Serve Where Your Heart Is

We are passionate about showing up in our community, meeting specific needs, sharing the love of Jesus and supplying resources to individuals for their personal growth and development.

Small Group Size
Global Level Impact

Already a part of a small group? Take your group bond to the next level. Develop a deeper connection within your small group by serving your local community together!

Leverage Transformation
As A Family

Family Friendly Outreach Opportunities

From kids to grandparents, everyone can serve together! Emancipate greatness in your family by serving together and helping to bridge the gaps in our local communities.

Family Friendly Outreaches

That Make A Difference

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